3/23/2016 – Hello! My website is in need of an overhaul, but much of the content is still relevant. I will update it eventually, but other endeavors currently have a higher priority. That said, I hope you find something worthwhile here, and check back occasionally! Thanks and God bless! Bill

"Look Mom, No Hands!" American Flag Bill Miller

That's me, Bill Miller, in 1998 (larger picture).

It's an expression often used by a young boy to unintentionally increase his mother's heart rate by demonstrating a newfound ability to ride a bicycle without clutching the handlebars. 

Here, however, it's the chosen slogan for a quadriplegic to demonstrate some of what can be accomplished sans hands... including the design, development, and direction of this website.

The primary objective of this website is to shed light on life as a quadriplegic -- more specifically on my life as a spinal cord injured C1-2 quadriplegic on a ventilator (much like late actor and real-life Superman Christopher Reeve).  I wish to show that a high quality of life can be attained and maintained despite what's viewed as difficult circumstances -- being paralyzed from the neck down and being dependent on a machine to breathe.  

I also wish to use the far-reaching (yet computer close) aspects of the world wide web to personally share my experiences with others in conditions like mine.  "Roads" that my family & I may have struggled to "pave" in our continuing efforts to adapt & improve upon caregiver strategies and to make our situation as easy & functional as possible, these roads can be of service to others who may be facing some of the same & similar challenges (checkout "Bill's Links" and "Life with an SCI" at the bottom of this page -- but also checkout the bowling links below:).

My name is Bill Miller and this is my website.  The developmental progress has slowed as I work on other projects like wheelchair bowling (check out below:).  But www.lookmomnohands.net will be changing periodically.  Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments.  Visit here whenever you'd like and check the below "what's new and/or updated" list and the "coming soon" list. 


This website was last updated: 4:57 AM 5/5/2012 -- some items below say [UPDATED ____ ]

PERSONAL UPDATE 6/15/2006: Despite my physical condition, about a year ago, I resumed my education at the University of Florida via their Online Business Program (bachelor's degree) which means I have even less time for updating this website, than when I originally wrote the above paragraph.  However, feel free to ask questions or send comments; I usually reply within a day or two and your question could lead to my next update... thanks!

PERSONAL UPDATE 8/18/2007: God willing, if everything goes as planned, I will graduate with honors from the above University of Florida program in August of 2008.  My formal education is likely to continue after that, but I'll share those plans as they develop...

PERSONAL UPDATE 8/22/2008: On August 9, 2008 I graduated with honors from THE University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA degree).  I actually completed UF's Online BSBA Program with a 4.0 GPA (straight A average).  It was important to me to "ace" the Program because I wanted to demonstrate that I can be highly successful despite being vent-dependent and paralyzed from the neck down.  If you want to know more about my educational journey [UPDATED 9/1/2008] or where I'm planning to "go" from here... click HERE

Updates from Bill Miller 5/9/2010: I share personal, family, and bowling & business updates.  This is something I recently emailed people on my master list. If you want on or off my master list, just ask. No worries.
Updates from Bill Miller 1/28/2011: I share personal, family, and bowling / business updates.  I emailed this to people on my master list.  If you want on or off my master list, just ask.  No worries.
I'm home from surgery -- Update 2/3/2011: Find out how yesterday's surgery went...

Thanks -- and God bless!

Bill Miller :-)
C1-2 Quadriplegic with a 255 High Bowling Game
Co-founder of Manufacturing Genuine Thrills Inc. d/b/a MGT
My blog: http://powerwheelchairusers.blogspot.com
Business website: http://www.ikanbowler.com
Personal website: http://www.lookmomnohands.net

What's new and/or updated (also check my personal updates above):

My blog: emPOWERing Wheelchair Users! -- http://powerwheelchairusers.blogspot.com -- Here I share insights into how we're getting power wheelchair users (back) in the game of life!  If you are or may be interested in the below links which talk about wheelchair bowling and power soccer, checkout Five Things to Know about Power Wheelchair Bowling!  Also a must is to see my entry titled: Two Videos and a Slideshow on Power Wheelchair Bowling!  :-)

Manufacturing Genuine Thrills, Inc. -- Home of the IKAN Bowler®! -- Did you know that essentially ALL wheelchair users can bowl?  And that ANYONE who can operate a power wheelchair can bowl AND play power soccer?  It's true.  Checkout my above blog, which shares some important insights into our efforts to get power wheelchair users (back) in the game of life!  IKAN comes from the Greek word ikano, which means enable.  Wheelchair users: IKAN?  Yes You Can -- with the IKAN Bowler® wheelchair bowling system!  :-)  Manufacturing Genuine Thrills, Inc. is a long name, so we're "d/b/a" MGT, which means "doing business as" MGT, and we have the best Power Soccer Guard available anywhere as well.  Checkout out our website, www.ikanbowler.com, and the story of how we got started is below. 

Wheelchair Bowling -- Wouldn't it be GREAT if there were a device or devices that would enable almost all wheelchair users to bowl?  Well, read this story of how we got started -- and see videos (although the best video is at the MGT website above:)...

My "Full Story" for SCI People / Support Groups -- [UPDATED 5/5/2012] -- I wrote this to hopefully be informative and encouraging for other people with spinal cord injuries, but able-bodied visitors to my website might find it interesting also.

Websites I Webmaster -- [UPDATED 5/5/2012] -- In writing the above, I felt it would be good to share the websites that I've designed and developed as desired by some family and friends (or me:).

Life with an SCI -- [PICTURE UPDATED 7/21/2010] -- The serenity prayer is always appropriate: "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."  Amen.  

Bill's Links -- [UPDATED 3/7/2012] -- This page features some of my favorite websites, web tools, and resources for both able-bodied and physically challenged people... (and some good websites for computer-challenged individuals as well:).  ALERT: Search for sexual predators in your Florida neighborhood, under my "For Locals" category.

Meet Bill Miller -- [UPDATED 5/3/2012] -- Features background info including my accident, and some of what I've been doing post-accident.  Includes a newspaper article about me and one by me, plus an article that was published in UF's WCBA 2006 Dean's Report.  The most recent update is a for "Meet Bill Miller" a video I did.

"Dedicated to Bill Miller" -- This is a brief semi-biography written by my Stepmom Donna Miller. She's always wanted to write a book, I'm flattered to be her subject of choice.  In four short sections available for free downloading, she shares heartache and happiness, some of her favorite stories and tidbits she finds meaningful.  Enjoy!

An Evening with Christopher Reeve -- The president of the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation (a merger between the American Paralysis Association and the Christopher Reeve Foundation) was in Gainesville last night, April 25th, 2001, and so was I.

Coming soon (maybe!):

Bill's Movie Reviews -- [UPDATED 6/23/05] -- Spanning parts of 1998, 1999, and 2000, I reviewed seventy movies in sixty-seven movie columns for The Daily Commercial.  If you like what you see, syndication could bring me out of retirement:)... 

Bill's Photo Gallery -- [UPDATED 1/1/2012] -- One of my favorite hobbies is playing with and enhancing both scanned and digital pictures (presentation picture added 2/6/2009).

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