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A spinal cord injury (SCI) affects every aspect of an injured person's life and so there are dozens of features that may be discussed here.  Other SCI persons may contribute some of their experiences and "tricks of the trade" here as well, for we are our own greatest resource.  And that's the primary goal of this website.  Topics here will have a short description or preview following the initial link, and then also a "go to page" link to the details.  

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TOPICS... (feel free to e-mail me with questions or to request a topic):

How We CoughAssist (In-Exsufflate) -- [UPDATED 7/18/2009] -- This document / page describes in detail how we use a CoughAssist machine (a.k.a. an in-exsufflator) which is a large reason why I haven't had any significant respiratory infections since I was discharged from rehab over 11 years ago -- and I haven't been suctioned since.  [Go to page]

An Overview of My Care -- [UPDATED 9/17/2008] -- This page started out as a long reply to an e-mail as you'll see inside. It tells a lot about my care, and actually gives a pretty detailed overview of the primary aspects of my care (respiratory, bladder / urinary, general quad care, and a little more). Between this page, and the "details of my care" page (see below) that should give anyone a solid idea of what my care entails, some of which could be beneficial for a high-level quadriplegic and/or ventilator user. I have been quite healthy (knock on wood and thank you God:) considering I'm a vent-dependent quadriplegic, which means we must be doing something right with my routines.  [Go to page]

The Secret to Ventilator Health -- [UPDATED 3/9/2008] -- CoughAssist / In-Exsufflator Testimonial -- An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but Respironics' CoughAssist keeps pneumonia at bay.  Anyone with difficulty expelling secretions can benefit from this product, whether he or she needs assistance short-term (hospital stay) or long-term (mostly permanent condition affecting his or her respiratory system).  [Go to page]

A Tip to Beat the Heat -- [NEW 8/14/07] -- Whether you choose to be outside in the hot Sun, or need to be, it can be dangerous for people with health concerns and/or wheelchair users like me.  I use/sit in a black wheelchair and can't sweat (due to high level SCI) -- the solution?  Open either link at the beginning or end of this intro to find out -- it's helpful for able-bodied people too!  [Go to page]

Preventing Pressure Sores -- [NEW 5/1/07] -- For wheelchair users... call it doing a "pressure relief" or doing a "weightshift" it doesn't matter what it's called -- it must be done!  This is how you can stay in your chair "all day" and not develop pressure sores (decubitus ulcers).  Here are my thoughts on doing weightshifts and a weightshift ratio analysis... this is a MUST READ -- especially for people new to life using a wheelchair.  [Go to page]

Speaking without a Pause -- On the phone, my speech is so "normal" that if the caller doesn't know my situation, they would never suspect I was on a vent or had speech difficulty.  [Go to page]

Hear me speak!  This is a little UNEDITED clip I put together called "he told a good story..."

Details of My Care -- [UPDATED 9/1/05] -- Here you'll find details about my respiratory routine and general quad care aspects that we do to help me stay healthy.  Knock on wood (and thank you God:) I probably average about one antibiotic a year, which is somewhat remarkable when considering that people in my condition often have frequent UTIs and/or respiratory infections.  [Go to page]

These next three featured items are listed on my homepage, but are important enough (for quads:) to also have here!

My new blog: emPOWERing Wheelchair Users! -- http://powerwheelchairusers.blogspot.com -- [Updated here 8/27/07] -- here I share insights into how we're getting power wheelchair users back in the game of life!  If you are or may be interested in the below links which talk about wheelchair bowling and power soccer, checkout Five Things to Know about Power Wheelchair Bowling!  Also a must is to see my entry titled: Two Videos and a Slideshow on Power Wheelchair Bowling!  :-)

Manufacturing Genuine Thrills, Inc. -- Home of the IKAN Bowler®! -- [UPDATED 5/5/07]  Did you know that ALL wheelchair users can bowl? And that ANYONE who can operate a power wheelchair can bowl AND play power soccer?  It's true.  Checkout my above blog, which shares some important insights into our efforts to get power wheelchair users back in the game of life!  IKAN comes from the Greek word ikano, which means enable.  Wheelchair users: IKAN? Yes You Can -- with the IKAN Bowler® wheelchair bowling system. :-)  Manufacturing Genuine Thrills, Inc. is a long name, so we're "d/b/a" MGT, which means "doing business as" MGT, and we have the best Power Soccer Guard available anywhere as well.  Checkout out our website, www.ikanbowler.com, and the story of how we got started is below. 

Wheelchair Bowling -- Wouldn't it be GREAT if there were a device or devices that would enable almost all wheelchair users to bowl?  Well, read this story of how we got started -- and see videos (although the best video is at the MGT website above:)...Also check my "Bill's Links" page, it has lots of useful websites for people with disabilities:)... 

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